NOT Gate


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NOT Gate Truth Table
not.gif (1746 bytes) Input Output
0 1
1 0
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The NOT gate is also known as an inverter, simply because it changes the input to its opposite (inverts it).  The NOT gate accepts only one input and the output is the opposite of the input.  In other words, a low-voltage input (0) is converted to a high-voltage output (1).  It's that simple!

Select an input value from the pull-down selector above and view the NOT gate in action.

A common way of using the NOT gate is to simply attach the circle to the front of another gate.  This simplifies the circuit drawing and simply says: "Invert the output from this gate."

For example, the combination of an AND and NOT gate is shown in the following picture:

nand.gif (2742 bytes)

Note the addition of the circle to the front of the gate.   This simply means "invert the output."