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Site Setup

A1 - Web Page Basics

A2 - Basic Page Layouts

A3 - Home Page Design

A4 - Animation

A5 - Photo Galleries

A6 - I-Frames

A7 - Audio in Web Pages


texture images

webpage background images

public domain photos

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Tues/Thurs  11:40 am - 1:05 pm  HU206

Julie Stowe, instructor








Bryanna Ahlf

Brodie Barker

Takota Berry

Thomas Bigger

Thomas Coughlin

Jamie Currier

Mariana Garcia

Dylan Harincar

Kyle Kerr

Sian Liebenberg

Audrey Richards

Alex Schmalzel

Shawn Schubert

Mary Shumard

Kendall Smith

Lucas Terpreau

Fue Thao