DM20  Assignment 4

due Thursday, March 22

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First you'll create a new Projects Menu page. You'll be using this page to put in links to your completed assignments throughout the rest of the class.

Launch Dreamweaver. If your 20web root folder is not showing in the Files panel, go to Site > Manage Sites and select your site (or import your dm20 .ste file).

Go to File>New to start a new HTML blank page. File>Save to save into your root folder. Give it the name  menu.html

Replace "Untitled Document" with your own page title, DM20 Projects Menu, for example.

Click the Page Properties button in the Properties panel and choose font and background properties.
Then click the "Links(CSS)" tab and choose colors for those.

Next, you'll center the content of this page.
Click anywhere at the top of your page. In the Properties panel, click the CSS tab, then click the 'center' icon, as pictured:

The blinking prompt should now show in the center of your page.

Click the HTML tab in the far left of the Properties panel to return to HTML properties.

Click at the top of your page and type some text, for example, DM20 Class Projects.

Then click and drag across the words to select them. In the Properties panel make sure the HTML tab is selected, and then choose Heading 1 from the Format list:

Then click just to the right of your text, press Enter twice to move down a couple paragraphs and type  Home
Then use Point-to-File to link that to your index.htm file.


Next, you'll put a link to this new menu page in your Home page.

You'll link the "Projects" rollover button you created  - it should already be in your index.htm page (if it isn't, refer to Assignment 3).

Open your Home page - index.htm - in Dreamweaver (double-click its name in your Files panel).

Click once on your "Projects" button image in your page to select it and use Point-to-File to link this button to your menu.html page.

File>Save, and Preview in Browser to test your button's link.

When satisfied, File>Save. You can close Dreamweaver for now, and continue with A4 Part One